Horse Riding Lessons for Kids, Winston-Salem, NC

We offer horse riding lessons for kids in Winston-Salem throughout the year, as well as a series of camps in the summer.

Horse Riding Lessons for Kids in Winston-Salem, NC
Horse riding lessons for kids
are a great opportunity to foster a love of horses while a child refines their riding skills. At Legacy Saddlebreds LLC, we offer horseback riding lessons for kids as young as three, and each lesson is taught by one of the highly experienced, certified members of our staff. Our lessons are taught at our state-of-the-art facility that opened in 2014, which features an innovative barns, indoor and outdoor riding arenas, 50 acres of property, and much, much more.

Whether your child is new to horses or they are already an experienced rider, we offer lessons for children of all skill levels at a variety of stages. While we might teach different things to our students, there’s one thing every session has in common: safety. We make sure that, above all, our riders stay safe while they are learning and improving their skills.

We offer horse riding lessons for kids throughout the year, as well as a series of camps in the summer. These camps feature plenty of riding time, activities with other children in their age group, and a variety of fun and exciting horse-related events. We work hard to make sure every one of our students has a great time.

If you want to sign your child up for horseback riding lessons, now is the time! Contact us at Legacy Saddlebreds LLC today to find out more about our horse riding lessons for kids and what they include.