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Riding Lessons

Your child asked to take horse riding lessons, and you want to be sure they are ready to participate in this uniquely challenging and rewarding activity. Before you enroll your child in horse riding lessons, assess the following to make sure they are ready:

  • Taking direction – The ability to take directions from someone other than a parent is extremely important, especially during riding lessons. Your child’s school experience and in other learning environments can be used as a key indicator to determine how well they receive instructions.  Enrolling your child in riding lessons can also help them learn how to take direction from someone other than a parent in a fun and unique way, which in turn will help them in other aspects of their life.
  • Physical readiness – Your child may be physically ready for riding lessons when their body can meet the physical demands of engaging with a horse. While physical capabilities can lead to emotional confidence with horses, overtasking a child who is unable to handle a large animal can be dangerous. However, learning how to ride at a young age will help their body develop muscle memory for the future. It is also great exercise, as it works out all parts of the body and helps with endurance.
  • Cognitive readiness – The biggest cognitive indicator your child is ready for riding lessons is their attention span. Our variety of lesson options allow for our instructors to base the length of the lesson to the age of the rider. For example, our Small Fry Lessons are for ages 3-5 and last 20 minutes, catering to the shorter attention span of young riders.
  •  Emotional readiness – Children who are ready to work with horses tend to be independent, brave, and capable of receiving and executing directions. The one thing that will enhance these traits is a sincere desire to work with horses. That desire can help the most timid rider to overcome huge personal obstacles, building confidence not only in their riding, but in other aspects of their life, as well.

If you believe your child is ready to take riding lessons, contact us at Legacy Saddlebreds LLC! We provide lessons for children of all ages and are eager to introduce your child to the fun and fulfillment that come from riding.