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Summer Camps

If you have a child who lives and breathes for horseback riding, then you know the idea of a horse-filled week this summer is a dream come true. We know that even with your best efforts, sometimes, an hour or two a week is the best offer your child is going to get to fulfill their horseback riding passions.

That’s why we’re proud to offer summer camps and a weeklong intensive horseback riding camp in Winston-Salem, North Carolina for our students at Legacy Saddlebreds LLC.

We offer a selection of summer camps for riders of all ages and skill levels with a focus on a fun and safe learning experiences that promote horsemanship skills training. Our horseback riding camp is about more than just better barn skills. We’ve seen our riders gain confidence and develop skills faster than they would at their weekly lessons. Horseback riding camp also gives your child the unique immersive experience of being a part of the team for a week they’ll remember for the rest of their lives.

Whether you child is attending weekly lessons, or is completely new to horseback riding, they will find something to love in the immersive experience of horseback riding summer camp, having fun alongside other kids their own age. We have beginner camps, intermediate camps, and even Small Fry day camps for little riders aged 3-5. Give us a call today at Legacy Saddlebreds LLC to find out more about the schedule for our summer camps this year!