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A horse birthday party is the perfect setting for the horse lover in your life.

A love of horses is something that can start at a young age and continue through adulthood or begin at any point in your life when you first experience the personalities of these gentle creatures. While it is not feasible for everyone who loves horses to have one at their Winston-Salem, North Carolina home, it is certainly possible to spend time around them.

Horse Birthday Party in Winston-Salem, North Carolina

If you are looking for a special themed birthday party for your child or a surprise party for an adult who loves horses, a horse birthday party here at Legacy Saddlebreds LLC is definitely something to consider. We really go all out when it comes to children’s parties by offering a wide variety of add-ons to make their horse birthday party extra special. For example, consider adding face painting, grooming a horse, or a paint a pony activity. We also have themed parties, including cowboy, cowgirl, superhero, and princess/unicorn options. Our horse birthday party for children includes supervised riding time; a scavenger hunt and candy bag; tables, tablecloths, and chairs; and use of a party space for food and gifts.

Children and adults will enjoy a horse birthday party at our beautiful property and can learn about the many other things they can do here in the months beyond the party. We feature an excellent riding academy and horse-riding camps for all ages, as well as horse riding lessons. Contact us today to learn more or to schedule your horse birthday party.